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Gallery: New Photoshoot

Sofia did a new collaboration with Keean Johnson.




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Gallery: Chanel Dinner and “Hotel Artemis” Press Conference



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Press/Gallery: Interview with Content Mode


CONTENT MODE – I was able to steal a bit of time over the phone with Sofia Boutella as she landed in Cannes to attend premieres of two films: Fahrenheit 451 in which she stars with Michael B Jordan and Michael Shannon. As well as Gaspar Noe’s film ‘Climax’. Our interview takes place as she is settling into her hotel which came with added long distance ambiance to our conversation with the sounds of sirens and the chaotic sounds of the typical Cannes in peak festival season in the background. As I was editing this interview I noticed that her film ‘Climax’ won the coveted ‘Art Cinema’ award at the 2018 Directors Fortnight at Cannes. A small foresight of where Sofia Boutella’s acting future is heading by virtue of pure talent.

Q&A by Jaimie Kourt

Interview by Deborah Ferguson


Looking at your film career, a lot of Science Fiction/Dystopian/Action titles appear on your resume. Is that a choice, your preferred genre? Are you a fan of those kinds of movies? What is a genre you are chomping at the bit to attempt?


My goal isn’t just to go for SciFi, action and or dystopian themed films. My direction depends on what I read script wise, it could be SciFi or action I’m open to anything and for me it’s about the relationships within these projects, that’s what I’m after.


F451 is about a society that is burning books. If this happened, and you could save one book, what would it be?


I’d say two books anything by Antoine de saint Exupery, as I grew up with his books as a child and I love what they represent for children and for adults/ I also think Notes from the Underground by Dostoevsky.


Were there discussions about Ray Bradbury’s thinking in writing this? About his perhaps foreshadowing of fear-driven leadership? Did you as a cast speak about how close to home this subject just may be touching upon?


It’s propaganda right? That’s something that has existed for a long time right? My personal take depends on what character you are in the movie. My character grew up reading books. Something I say to “Montag” in the movie is ‘ we demanded a world like this because we all bought into this lie and we accepted this world we live in”.


AND what a cast! Do you have an anecdote or favorite memory of the shoot?

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Gallery: “Hotel Artemis” LA Premiere


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Gallery: Cannes Portrait Sessions



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Gallery: 71st Annual Cannes Film Festival


Yesterday was a very busy day for Sofia promoting Fahrenheit 451 at the 71th Annual Cannes Film Festival. First she attended the photocall with her costars. She wore shimmering black short sleeved dress by Emilia Wickstead from the Fall 2018 collection. Michael B. Jordan, Michael Shannon, and Sofia had fun posing with their director, Ramin Bahrani.


Following that Sofia took part with 81 other women in taking a stand for gender equality (82 is a significant number) I will be posting a follow up article about this protest.


Later that night, they had the premiere of Fahrenheit 451 and Sofia looked like a fairy princess! She wore a Vera Wang bridal gown from her Spring 2019 collection and it was stunning. I’m sure Sofia enjoyed being back in France for a few days as well as promoting her movie. I’ll have additional photos to add to these events and the premiere the other night in the next few days plus I hope there will be photoshoots from Cannes which is typical.



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Gallery: “Fahrenheit 451” Premiere

Thanks so much to Stephanie for her photo contribution. Sorry these are so late.




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Gallery: “Hotel Artemis” Poster and Film Photos



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Gallery: Vogue Arabia (May) Photoshoot and Scans



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Gallery: Cartier Celebrates The Launch Of Santos de Cartier Watch



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