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Press: Sofia Boutella on ‘Hotel Artemis’, Gaspar Noé’s ‘Climax’ and ‘Star Trek’

COLLIDER – With Hotel Artemis opening in theaters this weekend, I recently sat down with Sofia Boutella for an interview. During the wide-ranging conversation, she talked about getting to work with writer-director Drew Pearce, why she wanted to be part of the film, how excited she was to work with Jodie Foster and Jeff Goldblum, the action scenes, and more. In addition, she talked about making Gaspar Noé’s Climax and the positive reaction at Cannes, if she knows what’s up with future Star Trek movies and a lot more.


If you’re not familiar with Hotel Artemis, the film takes place in a near-future Los Angeles and revolves around a secret members-only hospital that caters to criminals. Run by The Nurse (Jodie Foster), the hospital has various rules (including no weapons and no murdering other patients) that are put into question when an object of great value enters its gates. The film also stars Sterling K. Brown as “Waikiki,” Dave Bautista as “Everest,” Sofia Boutella as “Nice,” Jeff Goldblum as “The Wolf King/Niagara,” Brian Tyree Henry as “Honolulu,” Jenny Slate as “Morgan,” Zachary Quinto as “Crosby,” and Charlie Day as “Acapulco.” Hotel Artemis arrives in U.S. theaters on June 8th.


Check out what Sofia Boutella had to say below.


Collider: How’re you doing today?


BOUTELLA: Good. You know, the day after the premiere.


(laughs). Yeah, so you guys showed it last night?




You did press all day, then you showed the movie, and now you’re back here today doing press all day.


BOUTELLA: Yeah. (laughs). You know the drill. As you know, you know, it’s my first premiere in LA. So, I invited a lot of friends, and that consisted of a lot of chatting and a lot of catching up because I don’t spend a lot of time here. It was just lovely to have people over and to do that kind of work and have friends around.


Yeah. Also, the movie was shot in LA.


BOUTELLA: The movie was shot in LA. What a fucking chance! (laughs). You know, for Drew to have his first movie about a love letter to LA and being able to shoot in LA, in downtown LA. Not just LA, but downtown LA.


Completely. You’ve done a lot of roles where you’re wearing makeup. When you meet with Drew about this movie was your first question, “Am I wearing makeup?”


BOUTELLA: No, luckily I had read the script and then we talked and I saw in the script it was no makeup, which I loved. Then, we talked and he described it to me. Everything was on the page. I kept saying yesterday, the writing is so incredible. He envisioned the hotel, the hospital, and the whole world was exactly on the page and when I stepped on set- his vision was completely translated. He was extremely specific with his idea of what he wanted and that’s what I think everybody fell in love with, the original world. It’s so refreshing to read something like that.


Completely. Also, what’s interesting about it is that it’s noir and futuristic. Can you talk a little bit about the world because it takes place in 2028. It has 3D printing for medical stuff, it has futuristic stuff, but it’s also still retro.


BOUTELLA: Yeah, it is. It’s sort of a potluck of all the stuff. All the genres that he loves. He’s such a film gore. He loves different kinds of movies and he has specific references, and that’s his mish mash of all these films.


It’s also his first time directing a feature. Did you ever feel on set that it was his first time?

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Press: How Sofia Boutella Is Redefining Her Action Stardom

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – After her role in ‘The Mummy,’ the dancer-turned-actor has been seeking out dramatic parts in ‘Fahrenheit 451,’ ‘Climax’ and this weekend’s ‘Hotel Artemis.’



Sofia Boutella might not yet be a household name or even a recognizable face, given how many times she’s worked under layers of real and/or CGI makeup. And yet, over the last four years, she’s cropped up in a number of tentpole action films as a supporting action star, playing a henchman with blades for legs in Kingsman: The Secret Service, a butt-kicking and rap-loving alien in Star Trek Beyond, the first bandaged female villain in a The Mummy movie (2017) and a French secret agent in Atomic Blonde. Action stardom seems to be hers for the slaying: Last year GQ called her “the best new action star of 2017” while Vanity Fair said she was “this season’s breakout action star.”


This year, however, the career of the dancer-turned-actress, 36, is taking a slightly different direction than the straight action stardom that some might have expected then. After she shot to fame in a series of stunt-heavy supporting roles, Boutella is appearing in a suite of dramatic parts this spring and summer: In Fahrenheit 451, released in mid-May on HBO, she plays Clarisse, a double agent who hosts an illicit book club; Hotel Artemis, out June 8, sees her taking on the role of an assassin who grows increasingly disillusioned with her trade; and in Climax, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May, she plays the choreographer and de facto main character of the film’s central dance troupe.


As she breaks into roles that don’t require any roundhouse kicks, Boutella is challenging an industry that historically hasn’t offered a wide diversity of roles to female actors of color who start off in supporting big-budget parts. This year’s offerings, smaller movies than the tentpole fare she began in, are a start. “I used to love being part of dance companies that were obscure and different and outside the box and then I danced with Madonna, you know what I mean?” she says, sitting in her hotel room during a press tour for Hotel Artemis, one gray day in L.A. in May. “Having variations in my choices is very important, and it’s all character-driven, relationship-driven within the story and story-driven.”


It’s only Boutella’s latest career transition. Born in Bab El Oued, Algeria, to an architect mother and composer/musician father, she became a professional dancer after she moved to Paris at age 10, when her family left their country amid the Algerian Civil War. Though she debuted as an actor in 2002, after she booked a role as the love interest in Dance Challenge (Le défi), she decided to pursue a dance career first. “Having danced for a much longer time, I thought it would be only fair to give it its proper time,” she says. That decision led to mainstream success: Boutella toured with Madonna for 10 years, for instance, and starred in the music videos for Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Ne-Yo.

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Press: Jodie Foster-Sterling K. Brown’s ‘Hotel Artemis’ Gets Distribution

VARIETY – Global Road Entertainment has acquired North American distribution rights to Drew Pearce’s action-thriller “Hotel Artemis,” starring Jodie Foster and Sterling K. Brown.


The cast also includes Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Tyree Henry, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day, and Dave Bautista. Financed by the Ink Factory in partnership with 127 Wall, the movie is produced by Marc Platt, Adam Siegel, and the Ink Factory’s Simon and Stephen Cornwell. Jeffrey Stott, Pearce, Joe Tsai, and Arthur Wang are executive producing.


Pearce, whose writing credits include “Iron Man 3” and “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation,” directed from his own script, in which Foster plays a nurse who runs a secret, members-only emergency room for criminals in a near-future Los Angeles that’s torn by riots. Global Road, the successor to Open Road Films, did not announce a release date.


China’s Tang Media Partners — which owns IM Global and Open Road — rebranded itself as Global Road Entertainment in October with Rob Friedman, a former top film exec at Lionsgate, Summit, and Paramount, as chairman and CEO. Global Road made a presentation Feb. 15 at the Berlin Film Festival to buyers touting an upcoming $1 billion production spend. Friedman made the announcement about “Hotel Artemis” on Thursday.


“As we continue to build Global Road’s inaugural film slate, we look for thought-provoking projects that will captivate audiences, and have strong potential for expanded content opportunities through film and television,” he said. “We have found that in ‘Hotel Artemis’ and are thrilled to add Drew’s incredible film with its unbelievably talented cast to the company’s growing roster of films. Our entire team is looking forward to working with Drew, Marc, Adam, Simon and Stephen to bring this entertaining movie to the big screen.”


The deal was negotiated by John Zois of Global Road and Endeavor Content on behalf of the filmmakers. Lionsgate International is handling international sales for the film. The news was first reported by Deadline.


Sofia Boutella in Talks to Join Jodie Foster for ‘Hotel Artemis’


Sofia Boutella, who wreaks havoc as the titular monster in Universal’s upcoming “The Mummy,” is in talks to join Jodie Foster in Drew Pearce’s “Hotel Artemis.”


Simon and Stephen Cornwell are producing for The Ink Factory, which will also finance. Pearce, whose writing credits include “Iron Man 3” and “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation,” will direct from his own script. The logline is under wraps.


Adam Siegel and Marc Platt are producing for Marc Platt Productions. Pearce will executive produce through his Point of No Return production banner.


The project is expected to launch international sales next month at the Cannes Film Festival.


Boutella’s star has been on the rise since breaking out as Samuel Jackson’s henchman in Fox’s “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” The Algerian actress followed that up with a major role in last summer’s “Star Trek Beyond,” and also landed the role of “The Mummy” in Universal’s reboot next month, making her the first female to portray the monster in long-running horror franchise.


She also has the spy thriller “Atomic Blonde” opening this July where she stars opposite Charlize Theron. She is repped by CAA and 42.