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Welcome to Sofia Boutella Source, your ultimate resource for French-Algerian dancer, model, and actress. Sofia has shared the stage with Madonna and Rihanna and danced in many music videos, including starring in Micheal Jackson's Hollywood Tonight video. She shot to fame as Gazelle in Kingsman: The Secret Service, an alien warrior named Jaylah in Star Trek Beyond, and the main antagonist, Princess Ahmanet, in The Mummy. Also, she starred with Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde as Delphine Lasalle. She was named Best New Action Star of 2017 by GQ Magazine and Female Star of Tomorrow by CinemaCon. In 2018, she starred opposite Jodie Foster in Hotel Artemis and the film adaption of Ray Bradbury's book Fahrenheit 451. She is starring in the upcoming French movie, Climax.

The Industry Trust is the UK film, TV, and video industry’s consumer education body, promoting the value of copyright and creativity. They are currently running a campaign titled “Moments Worth Paying For,” which inspires viewers to respect the value of creative content by demonstrating that film, TV, and video have an entertainment value worth paying for.


Sofia Boutella, star of Universal’s upcoming The Mummy, is the latest actor to appear in an exclusive trailer for the campaign, which you can check out below.


In the video Boutella talks through the thrilling and spectacular action featured in The Mummy and how seeing it on the big screen gives the biggest and best impact, showing that the terrifying and heart-stopping moments really are worth paying for.


The Industry Trust’s consumer education campaign continues to deliver the core message – inspiring audiences to choose the big screen experience, and the trailer directs UK audiences to the industry-funded film search engine FindAnyFilm.com, which signposts them to legal content sources so they can book, buy, and watch at their convenience.


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Due to the quality of some of the videos, I wasn’t able to add screencaps of all of her videos but I’m planning to add a video gallery that will have all of the actual videos. I still need to add the rest of the live videos.




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12 May 2017
By AliKat • 0Interview, Photoshoot


“That’s so dark!”


Sofia Boutella is riding shotgun in my car, perhaps the filthiest vehicle currently on the road in West Hollywood, when she spots a stroller sitting on the sidewalk, abandoned in the dazzling Los Angeles sun. We’re on our way to her dentist, running 20 minutes late for an appointment to get her teeth cleaned. “That’s so dark,” she repeats. “What a weird vision. What a weird sight. There are some things it feels like you’re not supposed to see.”


This is not how the afternoon was meant to go.


The plan was pretty standard: I would meet Boutella on the rooftop of a hip Hollywood hotel. We would sip cocktails and take in the view. I would ask her questions about working opposite Tom Cruise in The Mummy, in which she plays the title role, as well as her part alongside Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde, both of which release this summer. She would tell me some mild Hollywood gossip, repeat a bunch of platitudes about hard work and keeping her head on straight, and send me on my way to write A Celebrity Profile: a greased-lens look at her and her life, constructed in order to give the public a relatable Sofia Boutella character to imagine floating from rooftop to red carpet and set to set.


And in fact, though our time together was replete with lifestyle details—our French fries were sprinkled with truffle oil and Parmesan—it was also dotted with pedestrian inconveniences, the kind of humdrum low-key annoyances that are hallmarks of recognizably civilian life. For instance, the rooftop bar didn’t serve French fries, or any food for that matter, and we were both starving, so we ended up in the dark, loud downstairs restaurant instead. A series of scheduling snafus had accidentally sent Boutella to a different hotel before she met me, so we only had a brief window to eat and talk, which is how I ended up steering her through pre-rush hour traffic while I fired off questions and she finished the last of her fries in the passenger seat. It was an intense afternoon—not dreamy, not “relatable,” but mostly very ordinary: two slightly harried early-30s women trying to do their jobs. Which makes sense: Boutella has never been that into the glamorizing softness of a neatly turned narrative anyway.


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09 May 2017
By AliKat • 0Events

Sorry these are late!




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08 May 2017
By AliKat • 0The Mummy, Video

This is mainly about Tom’s stuntwork but it does have a little snippet showing a scene with Sofia with him.



Under a vanilla sky, in a dusty, open field, a small group of children no older than 10 kicks around a soccer ball. It’s a typical scene in Bab El Oued, a bustling neighborhood of Algiers. On closer inspection, however, the ball reveals itself to be nothing more than a big clump of sticky tape. It is bundled together and tossed around to the delight of the laughing girls and boys, oblivious to their underprivileged environment. “Those years in Algeria were some of the best of my life,” says Sofia Boutella from her home in Los Angeles. With two films scheduled for a summer release – The Mummy in June and Atomic Blonde in July – it’s difficult to imagine any one of the dancer-turned-actor’s 35 years to be anything short of extraordinary.


In a tone that is borderline blasé, Boutella tells me that she is gearing up to embark on her first international press tour for The Mummy, along with her co-stars Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. The trailers for the film feature the usual explosion scenes and run-for-your-life sprints associated with action star Cruise. Boutella plays the headline role of the mummy, Princess Ahmanet. Thousands of years ago, the princess was chosen to be Egypt’s next queen – but her ambition got the better of her, and she was buried alive. Resurrected as “the mummy,” Boutella’s character is a tornado of fury. Her ghost roars through the wind, menacing entire cities; her athletic body breaks through chains; her eyes flicker with feral emotion – mostly hate and vengeance. In other words, don’t expect Boutella to play a lifeless prop in bandages. It’s not her first brush with Egyptian role-play, either: in 2012, she was a principal backup dancer for Madonna’s Cleopatra-themed Super Bowl halftime show. “I stopped dancing because I wanted to dedicate everything to acting,” says Boutella. Another reason, perhaps, is that she already twirled her way to the pinnacle of success as a dancer in the entertainment industry. With even Michael Jackson and Madonna reportedly fighting over her to perform in their respective tours, there were little to no challenges left for her to overcome.


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