Gallery: “The Mummy” Premiere – Mexico City, MX

I’ll have more pics later tonight but here’s a couple. Sofia looks amazing in that color of red.



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Video: Behind the Scenes of Malibu Magazine Photoshoot

Videos: FB Live Chat and More Interviews

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Videos: New “The Mummy” BTS & Movie Clips

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Upcoming: AOL Build in NYC

The Mummy cast – Sofia Boutella, Courtney Vance, Jake Johnson, and Alex Kurtzman – will be visiting the AOL Build studio for a little Q&A on June 7 at 3:45 PM EST. If you’re in town, you can get tickets at their website.

Gallery: Crash Magazine Photoshoot & Scans + More!

Thanks to Lora @ Teresa Palmer Source for the Crash Magazine photos and scans.


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Gallery: AOL Build London

Sorry these are so delayed!




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Press: Meet Sofia Boutella: Bazaar’s June Cover Star

An intoxicating hybrid of strength, artfulness and femininity, Bazaar meets Sofia Boutella, one of the Arab world’s most enchanting exports


HARPER’S BAZAAR ARABIA – There’s a name that you should know. A face that you should recognise. But you’ll be forgiven for being unaware of either. They belong to Sofia Boutella, a 35-year-old Algerian artiste. An accomplished dancer, she’s worked with Michael Jackson and Rihanna, toured with Madonna, and appeared in Nike Women’s advertising campaigns; as an actor she’s landed parts in Kingsman: The Secret Service and Star Trek Beyond. In one way or another she has been performing since she was five, yet it is this month’s blockbuster, The Mummy, that will prove her most significant entrée. Top-billed against co-star Tom Cruise, Sofia claims the title role as Ahmanet, an ancient Egyptian princess whose ambitions of ruling are put aside in favour of a male heir. Hers is a dark and compelling performance. Her name is here to stay. Her face you won’t forget.


Rich olive skin, a razor-edged fringe that exaggerates sharp cheekbones, deep brown eyes framed by thick brows, and a mellifluous French accent… Sofia is an editorial dream – a beautiful blank canvas on which to play out fashion’s greatest fantasies. She wore Chanel haute couture to present at the Academy Awards in February and, reprising the moment for the cover shoot with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in Los Angeles last month, she created a masterpiece of movement, a feminine fluidity that brought together her dancer’s dexterity with the theatricals of her artistry. Poetry in motion. There’s a delicacy to the imagery, but strength and power too. Sofia is all of these things and more. But to understand her present, one must scratch a little at her past.


Born in 1982 in the Bab El Oued district of Algiers, Sofia (whose surname Boutella translates as ‘the men of the mountain’) recalls a childhood filled with beautiful memories. “We were always in nature. In our family home we had a big, dishevelled garden, with deer, dogs, chickens and cats. There was a rundown old carriage that we would pretend had horses attached to it. I grew up in a very beautiful way, in a family that always encouraged me, and my calling to be artistic. We were raised to be open-minded, creative, to use our imaginations.” Raised by two artists – her father is a jazz musician, her mother an architect – she feels “blessed to be born into a family that allowed me to express myself, to be myself and let out all sorts of colours that were living in my imagination and in my heart.”


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Videos: More Special Clips from “The Mummy”


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Videos from the Taiwan, Paris and Madrid Premieres of “The Mummy”

Paris Premiere

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