Video Gallery

Welcome to the Video Gallery for Sofia Boutella. This is currently a work in process. My goal is to have all of Sofia’s interviews, dance and music videos, movie clips, talk shows, etc. posted here. If you have a video to donate, please email me at


  • Award Shows
    All of Sofia’s appearances at award shows
  • Commercials
    All of Sofia's commercials for Nike and other products.
  • Conventions
    All of Sofia's appearances at conventions including Comic Con.
  • Filmography
    Trailers, film clips, behind the scenes, featurettes, and bonus material of Sofia's acting projects.
  • Interviews
    All of Sofia's interviews - some in French, others in English.
  • Live Concerts and Performances
    All of Sofia's dancing performances on stage in live concerts and shows.
  • Music Videos
    All of Sofia's dancing performances in music videos.
  • Photoshoots
    Behind the scenes of Sofia's photoshoots.
  • Talk Shows
    All of Sofia’s talk show appearances – some in French, others in English.




Recent Videos:


I claim no ownership to any of the videos posted here. Their copyright belongs to the original poster on YouTube. Movie clips that I post belong to the owner of the movie.