Press: Gaspar Noé’s Climax Trailer: The Cannes Film That’s a Demonic Step Up Movie


W MAGAZINE – That the first trailer for Gaspar Noé’s Cannes Film Festival hit Climax is set to the chugging French Disco beats of Cerrone’s spooky classic “Supernature” is sort of a no brainer. The dance floor classic’s cryptically spooky lyrics like, “there’s no place that you can run, the monsters made, we must pray” creep you out even as the chunky baseline commands you to dance. Climax, after all, is at once both a dance movie, a drug movie, and a good old horror film, and it’s absolutely rattling the Cannes Film Festival.


The Argentinian director took his inspiration from an urban legend about a New York City dance troupe whose afterparty punch bowl had been spiked with LSD and they all devolved into a troupe-wide freakout. In Climax, Noé transports the setting from New York City to a facility on the edge of a forest; the afterparty is replaced with a planned three day rehearsal; and the punch bowl, chicly, has been upgraded to sangria. The ensuing troupe-wide freakout, however, remains.


The film stars Sofia Boutella, the former Rihanna and Madonna backup dancer whose planned mainstream star turn alongside Tom Cruise in last year’s The Mummy was something of a bust, but is quickly making a name for herself as a star of stylish indie fare (she also appeared alongside Charlize Theron in last year’s arthouse-informed spy thriller Atomic Blonde). She plays the group’s leader, but according to the first reviews plot and character aren’t of as much importance as the interplay between actual dance numbers and psychotic freak outs.


In the trailer alone, we already see freak outs, bloody hands, a knife fight, a first fight, a fire fight, someone climbing through snow a lot, and other upsetting sites. On the other hand, we also see DJ Daddy, who, at least, seems like he’s having a good time with his wig.

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Yesterday was a very busy day for Sofia promoting Fahrenheit 451 at the 71th Annual Cannes Film Festival. First she attended the photocall with her costars. She wore shimmering black short sleeved dress by Emilia Wickstead from the Fall 2018 collection. Michael B. Jordan, Michael Shannon, and Sofia had fun posing with their director, Ramin Bahrani.


Following that Sofia took part with 81 other women in taking a stand for gender equality (82 is a significant number) I will be posting a follow up article about this protest.


Later that night, they had the premiere of Fahrenheit 451 and Sofia looked like a fairy princess! She wore a Vera Wang bridal gown from her Spring 2019 collection and it was stunning. I’m sure Sofia enjoyed being back in France for a few days as well as promoting her movie. I’ll have additional photos to add to these events and the premiere the other night in the next few days plus I hope there will be photoshoots from Cannes which is typical.



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Thanks so much to Stephanie for her photo contribution. Sorry these are so late.




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Press/Video: ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Trailer: Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

/FILM – A full trailer for HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 has arrived, full of plenty of neon, flames and shots of Michael B Jordan and Michael Shannon looking super intense. Watch the Fahrenheit 451 trailer below.


99 Homes director Ramin Bahrani brings Ray Bradbury’s classic novel Fahrenheit 451 to HBO, and here’s the full trailer to prove it. This looks intense, and it also looks like it features yet another scene-stealing performance from Michael Shannon. Check it out.


Fahrenheit 451 Trailer


I’m pretty hyped for this. That said, there are some things in here that are a tad derivative. There’s an abundance of neon, for instance, which seems to be popular in all future-set entertainment now (see Mute, Altered Carbon and Blade Runner 2049). Then again, Bradbury’s book has been highly influential, inspiring multiple films, including the gun-fu extravaganza Equilibrium. It only makes sense that some of the elements on display here seem familiar. That said, this take on Bradbury’s book looks stylish and engrossing, and having strong actors like Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon as the leads will no doubt pay off.


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